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Plus size clothing in India

Plus Size Clothing India


Every human created by God have their own qualities and so as their beautiful body which is imperfectly-perfect and perfectly-imperfect.

The moment one hear about plus size clothing, our mind creates an image of a person with size 16 or above, but according to our fashion industry, body type with size 8 or above, comes under plus size clothing. What appears on the screen is contrasting with the real life. To begin with, it is considered as bane to bear a fat body and you are reminded by every second person that- Dude! Look at you! Like its not fat but plague and your body is not obese but sick and you are reminded each and every minute of your life to lose weight and fit into the “NORMAL SIZING”. When one looks at the fashion industry, the major problem arises when the elite fashion icons have acceptance issues who firmly believes that fashion is meant for slim and narrow women.


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Never mind, breaking the stereotypes, the demand for plus size clothing is increasing day by day and there  are some brands, designers and boutiques in India who are now initiating special catalogues for plus size people. The brands that earlier used to offer till size M or L, are now creating size up till 2XL and 3XL. Its market size has been increased into manifolds and a true recognition have been given to this clothing sector too. So now if you think that fashion is for the slim people, you better think again. The area of plus size clothing is estimated to “account for approx. $5-6 billion in the $40-billion Indian online fashion apparel market by 2020, to be more precise, 10-12% of the overall market”, says vice-president of a renowned online shopping portal. This industry is booming so rapidly that no one can ignore them, for instance, in 2016; there had been a plus size show by the brand ALL where no skinny models but plus-sized men and women walked down the ramp in association with Lakme Fashion Week.

Apparently, many huge banners have started their own plus size collections and it is not confined to any local boundaries. In my opinion there is no hard and fast rule to style yourself but to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin is necessary. However, there is no harm in following some particular styles that can accentuate your curves.


Here are some quick tips that can help to enhance the features of plus sized people and can create a flattering illusion:

  • Make layering your best friend. When in doubt, wear an open shrug or blazer over a plain tee, it will give a slimming effect to your waist.
  • Ankle length jeans or trouser creates an illusion of longer legs, which in turn, makes you look taller and narrow.
  • Who said stripes are not meant for curvy people! You can rock a blouse of stripes or a pant with the same pattern; just go for the vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones.
  • A front open kurta if combined with denims will twist a simple traditional look in a trendy indo- western look.
  • Wearing same color from top to bottom or layering your outfit with the same color, give depth and dimension to your outfit while highlighting and downplaying certain areas of your body.
  • Wrap dress and fit and flare dresses with V-neckline is meant to be the safest anytime go to look one woman can carry graciously and a cool V-neck tee with some funky prints on it when combined with a pair of denims or checkered chinos play the same role for a man nonchalantly.
  • Accessorizing will always remain your secret go to with simpler dresses, by focusing over certain areas and acting as a style statement at the same time.

Although, there are hundreds of more tips and tricks, still these had been my personal favorite. Its not like you cannot pull the other looks, trying new things are always great for until you experiment you won’t just be successful.

So yeah! Bane or Boon, its your body type and you do have every right to get the best of best outfits to style your own self and that too with a huge amount of varieties like all the other people do have. For fashion is not just for the skinny people anymore and being plus sized never meant to have narrow choices. Change is inevitable and so is the fashion industry and so are you.

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Till then, stay connected, stay beautiful and wear a wide range of fashionable attires.


Article Credits: Ridhima Goel